No matter what your position is, you should try to train yourself out of your job. I don’t mean that should make yourself useless. Train someone else to do your job so you can move on as well.

At my current job, I am helping to train a couple of people. One of those people is training in my position. The more that he is able to learn and do on his own, the more it frees me up to do other things. I work in a factory, and I have a good grasp on all the areas of my machine. As a result, I am able to help teach people to do their job better.

I have a goal of getting out of this line of work. It’s not my passion. When I do leave, I will probably not look back and worry about how they are progressing. I will, however, want to know that I left them the best that I possibly could. Part of that is training my replacement.

You don’t have to approach the person and say that you are training them to replace you. That may either scare them out of it, or they could try to work at getting you out faster!

I think of the movie “Men in Black.” Will Smith plays the part of a rookie agent under Tommy Lee Jones. At the end, Jones says that he hasn’t been training a partner, but a replacement. Even though he was a cocky, know-it-all, Smith hesitantly, but decidedly, took the new role.

Surely there’s something else, or something more, that you would like to do. Training someone to do what you can free you up to pursue that.