This page is dedicated to the resources I use and recommend. I’ll be listing the equipment, software, programs, hosting, etc. that I personally use and some that I have previously used (and have upgraded from, but are still good). If you don’t see anything below yet, it’s because it is still being assembled. Also, most of the links below are affiliate links, meaning that I’ll get a percentage of anything you purchase using the link.

I have also compiled a list of podcasts that I recommend (still in process). I’ll be compiling a list of blogs and other websites soon.

Several people have asked me what I use for podcasting and blogging, so here’s a quick list of what I use:

Intro/Outro Music

I got permission to use two songs from the Incrediworld CD (Patch the Pirate/Majesty Music): Incrediworld and Simple As That. I use just part of these songs. I would recommend this and other CDs from Majesty Music.


  • Microphone – I use the Audio Technica ATR2100 USB microphone, which can be plugged right into my computer or into a mixing board (which I hope to get in the future).
  • Pop filter – A pop filter helps to reduce the “pops” in the microphone caused by hard sounds like “b”, “p”, and “t”.
  • Windscreen – A windscreen is a foam ball that fits over the microphone to reduce the background noises.
  • Headphones – I use Logitech H390 Headset a lot. It gives good sound, and also has a microphone attached. I used to use this as my primary microphone also, but now is a backup for me. Sometimes, I just use regular earbuds, but I don’t like them as much as the Logitech headset.
  • Auxiliary cable – I use a male-to-male auxiliary cable to record some external sound clips/music from time to time.
  • Digital recorder – I don’t have a digital recorder yet, but I hope to have one in the future! Here’s some options from Amazon.
  • Mixing board – I don’t have a mixing board yet, but I hope to have one in the future! Here’s some options from Amazon.


  • Audacity – I use Audacity to record a lot of episodes and do the post-production/editing. This is a free product that you can download, but it does a lot of great things.
  • Skype – Sometimes I have to use my phone for interviews, but I prefer to use Skype to do interviews. It’s easy to connect with people all over the world, and the quality is usually better than a regular phone call (depending on the settings of the other person).
  • iFree Skype Recorder – This is another free resource. I use this program to record the Skype interviews. It separates the two sides of the conversion (one on the right, and one on the left), making it easier to edit each side separately (in case of excess background noise, coughing, etc.).

Online Resources

  • Libsyn – I use and recommend Libsyn for hosting media files. They have plans starting at $5/month, and you are charged for how much you upload, not how many times it is downloaded by listeners. I currently use the $20/month option because of the amount I upload, plus it gives more detailed stats.
  • WordPress – I use WordPress to power my websites. I would recommend no other! I have self-hosted WordPress rather than having a hosted site. This gives me more control and options (although does offer options that are only available on their site).
  • – I have used Fiverr many times and would highly recommend it for numerous different projects. I have gotten podcast cover art, book covers (2D and 3D), voiceover (as in the voiceover for my intro/outro), videos, etc. Each project starts at $5, but you have the option of adding additional things to your “gig.”