“It’s time to go to camp!” thought Sammy as he got in his seat of the bus. Sammy was waiting two whole minutes until it was time to go.

Long wait!

As they were driving, Sammy thought about all the things he would do at camp.

“Maybe I’ll have lots of candy,” he thought as he looked and counted his money.

After three hours, they were there!

Day 1: Monday

When they got to camp, they…rules.

I know.


And more rules.

I thought we would get there and do whatever we wanted to do. But, no. There were rules.

Anyway, I went straight to the cabin. Well, I made one turn. The cabin had electricity. Wow! And bunk beds. And kids. There were more kids than any other nine year old has ever seen!

Camp was a lot different than he thought.


That was the bell…my favorite bell.

Not Taco Bell.

Lunch Bell. Yes, the L.B.

We had sandwiches and chips for lunch. Then we had the afternoon service.

After that, I thought I should go in the pool. I saw a snake in the pool, but I wasn’t scared until…snap! It tried biting, but I ran out of that pool like a screaming girl!

Then we had the evening service. After that, there was shack time. I had $25 to spend – $5 that day on candy.

Day 2: Tuesday

I woke up at 6:00 am. Early! I got up, got dressed, took a shower, and ran to the flag pole. There we did the pledges and a devotion.

After that was a contest. First was the 100-yard dash. Not to brag, but I got second to last place. Pretty good, huh?

Then came piano. I did very well – third to last place.

Then we put on a puppet show. I got first place, I told myself. I’m doing puppets next year.

Then we had the afternoon service. Then there was the lunch bell. We had chicken with corn and mashed potatoes. It was good!

After that, I took a walk. My friend was dressed in a snake suit. When I came near him, snap! He pretended to try to bite. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me. After the evening service and shack time, my friend told me the snake was actually him.

Day 3: Wednesday

I woke up just like yesterday. I…got dressed, took a shower, and went to the flag pole. We did our pledges and devotions. Then we went to play.

Some of my friends tried to make me go in that pool. But I wouldn’t – not after what happened Monday. Now I as against pools.

I was doing my best to make this the best day ever, but that didn’t happen.

I took a walk and walked too far. I ended up in a neighbor’s yard and got in trouble. I got scared of a rabbit.

It was lunch time. As I was eating, I heard suspicious men. Oh, they were Bill and Ted, my favorite friends. They were talking about yesterday

I did some competing and then went to the evening service. Then was shack time. I had $18.50 after bedtime.

I couldn’t resist going outside. I shouldn’t have because I got in trouble…again.

Day 4: Thursday

Again – well, you know. After devotions I went for a walk. It was nice and peaceful.


Something rustled in the bushes. Sammy got scared when it jumped straight at him.

It was big.

It was brown and white.

It was…it was…

A rabbit.

Again, frightened over a rabbit.

Anyway, the L.B. rang. For lunch we had the same thing as yesterday. Then we had the afternoon service.

Then I looked and saw them.

It was my mom and dad and sister!

It has started – Family Night already!

We went to the shack and got four shakes and four small drinks. After that I had $10 left.

We had our evening service. Then there was a special dinner. Roast beef sandwiches, potatoes, and corn. Yum! And buffet night!

We had 50%-off candy, so I got six pieces – $7 left for tomorrow.

After I said goodbye to my family, I thought this was the perfect day.

Until a swarm of bees came in my direction!

I ran.

And ran.

And got stung two times on the nose.

But I was a man, not a sissy…wasn’t I? I’ll find out tomorrow.

Day 5: Friday

I woke up and got dressed and went to the shower. Then I went to the flagpole and we had devotions.

Then it was time to pack.

Now I know what to bring to camp next year. Bug spray and “not getting scared by rabbits” spray were a few things on my list.

I had to get candy – 7 pieces. Now I had seven cents left because it was 99 cents each. I told my mom I wouldn’t spend all the money and I didn’t.

I got on the bus and this time it took two minutes and one second. The longest wait ever!

It took three hours to get back home.

When I got there, there were chores.

And chores.

And…Ok, you get it.

Well, we got to watch a movie about a guy that took a sword to not be defeated. We had the perfect week, and tomorrow – who knows what will happen? I don’t care.

365 more days till another exciting week.

Written by Joshua Rivers, Jr. (my son!)

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