I have broken my original goals (previous post from December) into ones that were ongoing goals and ones that were daily/weekly things (i.e. Bible reading). The other group were ones that were longer term goals that I needed to break down to see what needed to be done each month (i.e. “Read 20 books” = 1.7 books per month).

I have the problem of writing something down and losing it or not looking at it. I thought about using some apps on my phone, but I also have the tendency of not looking at it regularly. So, what I did was put up a cork board in my office. I put my three words in large print (opportunity, dedication, and intentionality). I also put a list of the ongoing/daily/weekly goals. Underneath that, I have a printed monthly calendar that has a space where I wrote in the specific goals for that month. The calendar is black and white, with the goals written in red ink (to make them stand out).

I also have some papers to help with a visual as I’m working on learning more for my web design business. Right now, I’m learning a little about designing an app for either iPhone or Android phones. Hope to add this to the services that I can offer.

It’s right in front of me when I’m at my desk, so it’s a constant reminder.

Question: Do you have anything to help you stay on track?