Looking at the top posts from February, it kind of surprised me that several of the posts are older posts. I haven’t even been promoting them – people have been finding them from Google and other searches.

In case you missed these posts, here are the top 10 posts from February (based on views):

  1. Lessons from Joseph the Dreamer
  2. Time Management the EntreLeadership Way
  3. In a Hurry to Get Things Done
  4. Why You Should Stop Waiting to Write | Kent Sanders (#045)
  5. How to Understand Different Personality Styles
  6. I Wish I’d Never Been Born… (#044)
  7. How to Simplify Your Life with Evernote – Kent Sanders (#009)
  8. Priorities – First Chapter of Leave Nothing Undone
  9. How the DISC Profile Can Help You Focus on Your Strengths
  10. How to Simplify Your Life – Lessons from Ray Edwards

What was your your favorite post?