July was a great month! You have helped to make this blog and podcast what it is. Here’s the top 10 posts in July according to views. The number 1 post has been at the top since I wrote it last July. Number 7 was from last September. Number 10 is the ongoing check on our goals for 2013 (well, I post mine and try to encourage you with yours) – I’ll be updating this one soon.

I know that some of you are newer to the blog, so take and look and see if there’s any you missed:

  1. What is Grace? (from July 2012)
  2. Are You Ready to Start? – Interview with Jon Acuff (#021)
  3. Interview with Joel Fortner (#023)
  4. Making a Difference with Fred
  5. Work Smarter and Letting Go: Interview with Pat Flynn (#022)
  6. How to Happen to Your Career with Scott Barlow (#024)
  7. Lessons from Joseph the Dreamer (from September 2012)
  8. An Artist’s Manifesto – by Kent Sanders (book review)
  9. Making Connections with Jared Latigo | Book Launch Place (#020)
  10. Tracking Your 2013 Goals

Also, I’d like to say thanks to the following top Commentators in July:

Which post/episode was your favorite? (whether it is listed here or not)