It’s been a while since I’ve shared what my top posts have been, but here they are for June, 2013. Take a little time to read these if you missed them (or would like to read them again)!

  1. What is Grace? (This was posted on July 14, 2012, but it keeps coming up as one of my top posts!)
  2. Here’s Your Chance to Ask Jon Acuff
  3. Simplify Your Social Media with Erik J. Fisher – QLMS #016
  4. Taking Action – QLMS Podcast #010
  5. About
  6. Simple Tips for Blogging and Podcasting
  7. Discussing Exercise and Dieting with Mark Sieverkropp – QLMS #017
  8. Are You As Patient As I Am?
  9. Exercising More with Mark Sieverkropp – QLMS #018
  10. Tracking My 2013 Goals

What was your favorite post and why?