In my previous post, I mentioned the value of receiving buy-in from those you lead. Buy-in is essential for any team to be successful – whether it is at work or at home.

I also shared the buy-in I’m receiving from my wife regarding my business startup. I shared several key reasons why she began supporting in an incredible manner, while her support was minimal just a couple years before.

Not only is there value of buy-in. There is power in buy-in.

Beginning communication fuels additional communication. Once you start to open the communication lines, it’s easier to keep the communication going. Open communication is both a key to buy-in and a resulting benefit.

You get a confidence boost. When your team begins to buy-in to the decisions and plans, it gives you an additional boost in confidence. You gain more confidence in your team. It also gives a good boost to the confidence of your team, because they see that you value their opinion and are willing to take action.

Obstacles seem smaller and more manageable. “Many hands make light work.” When you have a whole team on board with the plan, it is much easier to face the problems that arise. You have support. You have encouragement. You have people that are willing to go the extra mile with you to see it through.

Opportunities seem to come more often and are bigger. You have more eyes looking for opportunities. You have more people actively looking for the next best thing or process.

Question: What benefits have you seen from gaining buy-in?