From time to time, we fail to meet a deadline or come short of some standard of excellence. When we start, the scenario plays out perfectly in our minds. But, somehow, we miss it at the end. Well, maybe that’s just me…

I recently came across the perfect excuse.

So, let’s say that I have this grand plan that I’m going to accomplish some goal at home: to clean and organize my home office. We moved into our house at the beginning of last summer. The office quickly became an all-purpose room, including a storage center. In my mind, I had all the time in the world and the perfect organizational plan ever conceived. By the deadline, however, I was just hoping for a Mary Poppins’ moment (where I could just snap my fingers and have everything jump into place).

That is when I discovered the perfect excuse: I was just too busy.

I couldn’t help how busy I was. Or could I?

Did I over-commit to thing? Was I over-confident (arrogant, egotistical, etc.) about what I could accomplish? Did I plan and use my time wisely? Was I just lazy?

For me, it was probably a little of all of this. I have the tendency to say ‘yes’ too much. I’m improving, but I still need some work on saying ‘n-‘. I over-committed my time.

One of the reasons I over-committed was because I was over-confident in my abilities. I let my ego take over since I am just a cape short of Superman. I thought that I could handle everything perfectly and in record time.

I also have a lazy side. I try to keep it hidden by staying busy. But it’s always there. It saps a few minutes here and there. Sometimes it sneaks an hour or two. My laziness also partners up with my distracted side (oh, a shiny object…).

I guess my “perfect excuse” doesn’t hold water after all.

I’ve heard this about excuses: “An excuse is the shell of a reason stuffed with a lie.” A reason may be justified, but rarely is it the reason for our failure. I had my reason (being too busy), but it had no real substance to it.

Question: Do you have any excuses that didn’t pass the test?