I had a question submitted by The Iron Jen: “What drives him each day to be his best and how does he get through tough times?”

From 48 Days:

  • You talk about the fact that God has uniquely gifted you in:

1.       Skills and abilities

2.       Personality traits

3.       Values, dreams, and passions

  • The difference between vocation, career, and a job
  • Having a balance in all areas (7 parts of the Wheel of Life)
  • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs vs. Dan’s Hierarchy of World-changers

Dan, your podcast has made a huge difference in my life over the past year and a half! My question is, I’m trying to work on thinking more creatively. What activities or exercises do you use to develop and maintain the ability to think creatively? – Mark Sieverkropp

“Wisdom Meets Passion” book : WOW! Brilliant concept, Excellent execution, & Super insightful. Thank you and Jared for this book! What advice do you have for fathers who desire this kind of relationship with their future adult sons? How do fathers nurture and encourage individualism, freedom, and confidence as their children develop? – Jeremy Carver