Fighting procrastination and managing time are two things that I’m working on. I talked about this in episode #012 of the podcast (Procrastination: Why You Do It). I also mentioned these topics in several other posts.

There are three specific things that I have done to try to help:

  1. I starting talking with business coach, Chris LoCurto. I’ve only had one session with him, but he has given me great advice. Part of the homework is to intentionally schedule time to work on my business, and then to get laser-focused on it.
  2. I started reading Getting Things Done by David Allen. This book presents a system of getting your life organized so that you can become more productive and get things done.
  3. I started to work at scheduling some time each week to focus on my business, my schooling, and to organize my home office better.

Here’s a video from Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. He talks about procrastination and some thing you (and I) can do reach “procrastination elimination.”

 Question: What do you do to overcome procrastination?