I am personally preparing to attend the EntreLeadership 1-day event in Olahoma City on April 19th. I am searching and sharing ways to prepare for such an event. I have some advice that’s been given so far, plus an interview with Chris LoCurto, who has helped put on dozens if not hundreds of events himself.

Lily’s advice:

1.       Stock up on business cards

2.       Update your online profiles

3.       Post something awesome on your blog

4.       Start connecting with attendees on social media and promote the event before, during, and after


Kelly’s advice:

1.       Pray – throughout the days and weeks before attending

2.       Do read the EntreLeadership book before attending

3.       Be very intentional in preparation before the event

4.       Meet and keep in touch with other attendees

Listen to the episode to hear Chris’ advice!