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Book Review: Parenting the QBQ Way

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Fear is one reason people don’t take accountability for themselves:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of hurting their ego or pride
  • Fear of embarrassment
  • Fear of consequences

If we are going to be more accountable, we’ll need courage to do it.

Courage is not the absence of fear – it is acting despite fear. Facing your fear.

Being Courageous and Fireproof

If you don’t have the movies Courageous and Fireproof, you need to get them now! I just watched these two movies again, and they are powerful motivators.

Courageous is about a groups of police officers that in order to be the fathers they should be, it’s going to take personal accountability. They have to be courageous to keep standing for right and for their family.

Fireproof is about a fire fighter that learns to overcome his selfishness with personal accountability. He starts to fight to his marriage for the first time and learns to really love his wife.

I like to think that I’ve always loved and fought for my wife and kids, but these movies and QBQ make me really think about and evaluate myself. “What can I do to show love to my wife and kids?”

Question: Do you have the courage to fight for your family?