We have all had embarrassing moments. Some are worse than others. There is usually one that really sticks out. I don’t usually get embarrassed easily, but there are a few times that I definitely remember.

My most embarrassing moment happened when I was a teenager. I was at my church for a youth activity one Saturday afternoon. Shortly after the activity started, I began to feel a little pain in my stomach. I tried to ignore it, but it slowly began to get worse.

Then we went to play kickball. It was a favorite game for us, and I was one of the better kickers. My team was depending on me. I really have no idea how long the game went on because the pain was increasing, and I knew I had to go to the bathroom.

But, my team was depending on me.

And it was almost my turn to kick. I told myself that I could hold it until my turn was over. I thought that I’d be embarrassed if I told them to skip me so I could go to the bathroom (I now know that that embarrassment would have been much better).

My turn came and I kicked the ball to the other end of the field. Two of my teammates ran home, and I landed on second base. Hunched over a little bit, I was trying to focus. The next player kicked the ball, and I knew I could make it home. I started running. I ran to third, then to home. Then I went straight to the bathroom.

Unfortunately, it was about a minute too late. Let’s just say that I lost a pair of underwear that day. Luckily, no one there ever knew about it (until they read this post).

Answer this question below: What was your most embarrassing moment?