wheel_of_lifeThis is the set of goals I’m working on for January. I posted my overall goals for 2013 back in December. Last week, I went through my goals and broke them up into two categories. I had several goals that were ongoing goals – things that were either daily/weekly goals (Bible reading, prayer journal, etc.) or were habits I’m trying to change. I took the rest of the goals and divided them up to see what I need to accomplish each month to meet the goal in the end.

For the first part of this year, I’m focusing more on my health (lose weight and exercise), starting my business, and starting a podcast (with a revamp on this blog). I’m looking for some feedback/advice about the podcast and have made a questionnaire available.

Here is a list of the ongoing goals and the goals for January. I have included a short description to show my progress halfway through this month. I’m planning on posting this each month to show how I’m progressing on my goals. I may do a mid-month post (like this) a few times as well.

Ongoing Goals

1)      Read through Bible this year

Missed a little bit, but I’ll work on catching up this weekend.

2)      Start and keep a prayer journal

I’ll be starting this soon.

3)      Participate regularly in the visitation program

Starting this tomorrow.

4)      Exercise at least 3 times a week

Not regular yet; I have a new schedule, so I’m trying to figure out times that can be fairly consistent.

5)      Stop drinking pop, except for special occasions

Difficult for me, but I have cut back and switched to mostly diet.

6)      Learn and adapt better eating habits

Getting better with my portions and eating more fruits and veggies.

7)      Regularly post 3 times a week on blog

Slacking a little here still, but should be coming soon.

8)      Make $100,000/ year household salary by end of the year

This is a goal for after transitioning to my new business.

January Goals

1)      Get below 230 pounds

Started at 252, down to 240 so far.

2)      Read 1.7 books (20 for the year)

Almost done with two books.

3)      Have 275 Twitter followers

Started at 225, now at 248.

4)      Finish business plans for web design business

Coming along well, details to come later.

5)      Work on Gradebook Flex

Haven’t done much this month yet, but it’s in the plans for next week.

6)      Invite another family over

7)      Add $2,000 to emergency fund

Set it at $12,000 by June; this was very aggressive. Should be easier as I get my business going.

8)      2 family outings

We haven’t had “outings” but we’ve had some time together