I think I will always enjoy and remember the fun that my mom created for us leading up to Christmas.

My mom would wrap the presents nicely and place them under the tree. But she wouldn’t write the names on them. It was a mystery.

How could we tell whose presents were whose?

Well, there would be some sort of code to distinguish each person’s presents. One year, it was certain symbols on a label. Another year, it was the type of wrapping paper. She came up with something different every year.

We looked forward to it every year. We would try to figure out during the weeks leading up to Christmas. We usually didn’t work together, because we wanted the credit for ourselves. If we figured it out before Christmas, we would say nothing – because that’s when it was revealed to us.

My mom created this mystery every Christmas. I’m not sure if it started out to stop us from knowing who had which presents (attempting to stop us from shaking the packages, etc.), but it became a great Christmas tradition.

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