This week, Jared Latigo is joining me. I met him on and he has also been on Kent Sanders’ podcast (Kent was also on episode #009 of this podcast). You can go to his site or connect with him on Twitter.

Making Connections

Jared has published his own book: “The Connection Brand.” He is offering some bonuses if you purchase the book by July 15. Here’s a snippet of what the book is about:

In this connection economy, the companies that will succeed now and in the future are the ones that build connection with us. They are the brands that have developed advocates to market for them and actually care about what the public thinks and says.

We can build those brands as well. Whether you are one person, 25 or 500, the core principles that brands like Apple, Michael Hyatt, Dave Ramsey and Jeff Goins have used are applicable to you. The deeper we can go with our connections, the better off we’ll be in the long run as we continue into this new economy.

Book Launch Place

Reading and writing is one of the greatest privileges that we have. In today’s society and with today’s technology, there are limitless possibilities. “Ordinary” people now have the opportunity to bypass the traditional publishers and get their own books out into the marketplace. One of the largest and most popular places for this is Amazon with their CreateSpace and Kindle publishing. With all of these new books, there are many of them that are offering specials and bonuses during their launch period.

The problem: how do you find all of these new book launches? As an author, where is a great place to advertise your own book launch?

The Jared has put together this site to become the place for book launches. The tagline is “All launches. One place.” Jared talks about this in more detail in the episode.

Work You Love

In 2009, Jared quit his traditional job to pursue his own work. In the episode, he shares his missteps while doing this. You’ll want to listen to this story and get his advice.

Coming up in the next several episodes, we will be having an emphasis on doing or creating work you love. In episode 11, I was able to interview Dan Miller and discuss some of his advice about pursuing work you love. We’ll have an interview with Jon Acuff next episode. In future weeks, we should have interviews with Pat Flynn of Smart Passive IncomeJohn Dumas of Entreprenuer on Fire, and Scott Barlow with Happen to Your Career. These are going to be some great interviews that you will not want to miss!

Questions: What do you think about the Book Launch Place? What about connection branding?