Sometimes life can be hard. But it can still be simple.

Many times, I hear people use the words “simple” and “easy” interchangeably. There is, however, a difference between the two words.

“Simple” refers to the complexity of something.

“Easy” refers to the difficulty of executing.

For example, I constantly tell my kids to put their shoes, coats, and backpacks in certain places (instead of the middle of the kitchen floor). It’s a simple concept. It is, apparently, not easy to do, because I keep finding their stuff just lying around.

Maybe that isn’t the best example, but it does show that even simple things (not complex) aren’t always easy to execute.

The Bible tells us that there is simplicity in Christ. The Christian life is simple: follow Christ’s example (Christian = Christ-like). But it is far from being easy. We have the devil trying to devour us; the world trying to derail us; and our own flesh trying to deceive us. We usually know what to do, but we struggle to put it into practice.

Quality Living Made Simple. Having a quality life can be simple, but tht doesn’t mean that it’ll be easy. It’ll take discipline and hard work. It may take sacrifice sometimes.