I took the DiSC Profile myself about a month ago. It revealed what I thought, I was a high “C.” If you’re not familiar with the DiSC, you maybe wondering what in the world that is.

In chapter 7 of EntreLeadership, Dave Ramsey speaks about dealing with people. He goes through and explains the hiring and firing procedure that he uses in his company. He has become very deliberate in how he hires and fires people because it greatly affects everyone involved.

Part of the hiring process is having the applicant take the DiSC Profile test. It is a simple test that reveals how a person tends to communicate and interact with others. Communication on a team is vital, so it’s important to understand what a person’s tendencies are regarding this.

There are four aspects to consider with DiSC:

D – Dominance – The dominant person is an aggressive decision maker. They make decisions quickly and move to action. They tend to forget that people are involved.

I – Influencer – The high “I” is the people-person. They worry about people first. They are all about relationships, meeting people, and having a great time.

S – Steady – This person is very steady and loyal. They are cautious and curious, trying to learn and understand the reason behind something.

C – Compliant – The high “C” person (i.e. me) is a detail person. They are the people that like things to be lined up perfectly and everything to be in place.

Everyone has a natural style, but they also have an adaptive style. This is when they are trying to adapt to a situation. They can function decently this way, but it doesn’t work well for long periods of time.

For me, my adaptive style sacrifices some of my “C” to add to my “I.” I can temporarily sacrifice some details to focus on people.

Question: Have you taken the DiSC Profile?