This is the 9th episode of the Quality Living Made Simple podcast. I’m still preparing for the EntreLeadership 1-Day Event, so I asked Kent Sanders to help share some things about getting started with using Evernote.

Kent shared a couple things about himself:

  • Turn 39 this year!  Wow, time goes by fast!
  • Married to Melanie for 17 years this June.  Our son Ben just turned 9.
  • My background is pastoral ministry – now teach at SLCC; been there since 2004.  Main areas of teaching are music, worship, guitar, arts – also direct Chapel services and our worship leadership program.

Here’s how you can connect with him:

  • Twitter: @kentsanders
  • Podcast: The Artist’s Suitcase
  • Youtube: username is kentsanders – see Evernote tutorials

Interview topics:

·         What exactly in Evernote?

·         How do you get information and content into Evernote?

·         How do you use Evernote in your daily life?

·         How do you find your stuff in Evernote once it’s in there?

·         Any other tidbits about Evernote?

Upcoming interview: I will have the privilege to interview Dan Miller on April 25, author of the 48 Days to the Work You Love, Wisdom Meets Passion, and other books. He is also the host of the 48 Days Podcast. Do you have any questions for him?

Questions: Do you have any tips about Evernote? Do you have any other tools or systems to help keep track of things?