It’s simple.

That’s one of the main points I like to drive home. Everything doesn’t have to be so complex and chaotic. We can find ways to simplify things.

I love to listen to podcasts. One of my must-listen to podcasts each week is the Ray Edwards Show. This week, Ray talks about his journey this year to simplify his life.

He gives 5 good reasons to simplify on episode #102 of his podcast. He has several different segments on his podcast, but the main segment talks about simplification.


One key thing is that he chose ONE word to focus on for the year, which is “simplify.” I did a similar thing last year by choosing three words. This year, I narrowed it down to one phrase that is one phrase: “Sharpen Your Ax.” With this, I also chose a title for myself: “Blacksmith.”

I love this concept of simplifying my life. Ray has encouraged me to strive for this more in every part of my life. I plan to work on simplifying things even more, and I’ll try to share my progress.

I would highly recommend that you listen to this episode of his (in fact, I would recommend that you subscribe to his podcast and/or blog). You can get the show notes here or just listen here:

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What do you think about simplifying your life?