No, I’m not talking about my skills as an actor. I’m talking about conduct.

I worked for Hardee’s from age 16 to 19 (there was a little break in there for college). I was able to move up the ladder fairly quickly there. By the time I 17, I was a Shift Leader. I became an Assistant Manager shortly after that.

There were a couple simple lessons I was able to learn: Appearance, Communication, and Teamwork (ACT).

Appearance – It’s important how we look. Not just our personal appearance, but also our workplace. We were trained to check several things if we weren’t taking care of customers. Check the tables. Clean the trays. Check the bathrooms. Clean the doorglass (this was the favorite for our general manager).

Communication – It’s important that details are communicated. You can’t just assume that the others know what you’re thinking or what the customer is thinking. This involves talking, listening, body language, hand signals, etc.

Teamwork – Work together. Yes, you each have your own responsibilities, but help each other out. Know what the others are supposed to be doing and help make them successful. When everyone pulls together, you can accomplish amazing things.

Question: What have you learned?