This is a short- notice post! I will be interviewing Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income on Monday, July 15.

You have been great at asking good questions, so I am looking for questions from you! Don’t get me wrong – I like my questions, too, but this is more about you.

My aim is to talk to him about the following topics:

  • Balance between home and work
  • Starting a business (home-based, online, etc.)
  • Smart Passive Income (of course!) and how people can get started

You can ask questions based on these topics, or you can throw something else out there! Maybe you’ve always wondered what he thinks about the color turquoise.

Note: If you submit a question, I will mention you name and website (if you have one) unless you say otherwise.

Write your question below in the comments, or you can leave a voice message and I can try to play the audio clip on the show.