Dave Stachowiak (featured on episode #006 of the Quality Living Made Simple podcast) wrote this great article about getting rid of your networking fear.


He shares six main ideas (you’ll have to read the post yourself for the details):

  1. Set a goal
  2. Be cool with being afraid
  3. Show up
  4. Find your people
  5. Be interested, not interesting
  6. Wait to be asked

Now, my primary goal of going to EntreLeadership is not for networking, although I plan to do some of that. My main goal is to try to glean as much information as I can. As I try to do some networking, though, these tips can really help me. I am more of a reserved person (usually), so I tend to be the wall-flower that sticks to myself.

For number 3 on his list (okay, here’s some details), show up doesn’t just mean physically, although that’s the first step. He means to show up mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc. You’re going to be spending the time there, might as well be a part of what is going not (not, apart from it – bad play on words, but there it is).

Question: Do you have any other networking tips, especially for people that are more introverted? Leave your comments below.