I’m not really Superman. I’m not even Clark Kent. But, sometimes I like to put on his cape and pretend.

Growing up, I used to use a towel, pillow case, or small blanket around my shoulders and neck. I would turn myself into Superman. There was even a  little while that I had a real, genuine red cape from a costume. With the cape on, I could do anything and everything.

I guess I’m not grown up yet, because I still put a cape on and believe that I can do everything.

I tend to take on too many things. I say “yes” too easily. I fly around the world and make time go backwards. Well, I do 2 out of the 3. Doing the third one would make the other two better.

Back in December, I began sharing my goals for this year. I did pretty good in January. I did okay in February. I’m not sure about March and April.

I’m not saying that I’ve done bad or that I’m disappointed. I know that I am much farther now than I would have been if I never set those goals in the first place. For example, I had planned on losing 50 pounds by this time. This was aggressive, but still attainable for me. But, food and exercise are my kryponite. I’ve got off to a good start, but then went up and down a little bit. I’ve been steady around a 20 pound loss. If I would compare 20 to 50, that’s only 40% of my goal – and that can be depressing. But, I’ve lost 20 pounds – that’s an accomplishment I haven’t done for a long time. I am also trying to get my business off the ground. With everything that I’ve been doing, it’s been difficult to keep my focus on it.

It is time.

There comes a time when you need to refocus. You need to take a step back and get your bearings again. I had lost my focus. As a result, I started to lose my traction. I’m needing to take some time to refocus. So, I need to take my cape off and realize that I can’t do it all.

So what does this mean? It means that I’m going to scale back what I’m doing on this blog – temporarily. I’m still going to continue the weekly podcast, but I may not post much else. I’m going to take a couple weeks – maybe the rest of the month – so I can get my focus back.

I’m going to be getting some professional business coaching (I’ll share more about this later). This should be a huge help getting my business going. He will no doubt step on my toes, tear me up, and spit me out. I don’t know much about business, so it’s likely that I need to redo several things.

When I do come back, there are several things that you should be able to expect:

  • Regular postings. I’ll be putting out a survey about your preference on days of the week, but I’m thinking about blog posts on Monday and Friday, and the podcast coming out on Wednesday.
  • A better e-mail experience. I plan on working on developing a better e-mail layout. I also plan on providing some more content only for those that subscribe via e-mail (so, you’ll get things that others won’t). If you haven’t subscribed via e-mail yet, please join to enjoy the additional content.
  • An e-book covering the subject of Quality Living Made Simple. This will cover my goals and plans for this site, compilation of several posts and podcast topics, and additional tips and resources.
  • I’m also working on a book project: “Leave Nothing Undone: 15 Key Lessons from the Life of Joshua.” It will center on the book I’m writing, which I think I’ll have available as paperback as well as a Kindle version. I think I’ll create an audio version as well. I’m also planning on having several other bonus material available. I’ll be looking for some people to help and be part of a launch team, so stay tuned for more details.

In the meantime, I’ll still be available on Twitter and e-mail if you have any questions. During this time, I’ll be sharing some past posts. This particular post marks #110 in the past 12 months. I’ll be sharing these via social media, but definitely feel free to browse through the archives yourself – maybe there are posts you missed or that you’d like to read again!

I do thank you  for your faithful support, and I believe that taking this time will help me to give you even better content and support.

Question: Do you need a break to refocus?