I periodically like to watch “Facing the Giants” (great movie!), or have it playing in the background. I had it on yesterday while I was doing some work, and felt like I needed to share this clip.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m taking some time to scale back in some areas of my life so I can focus on building my business. It had been difficult for me to move forward like I wanted to. Some of my problem is time management, which I am working on coming up with a schedule to follow and a system to keep me better organized. I also have a limited amount of knowledge about actually starting a business, so I have started working with a business coach some (see Chris LoCurto’s site for more information about what he has to offer). It has been great so far, and I can see some improvements already. I can also start to see more potential in the future.

Chris has been like Coach Taylor in the movie for me as well. He sometimes is a little harsh, and the work I have to do is difficult. But he is working on making me better. He is making me see and understand that I can go farther that I think I can.