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This past Sunday, the Sunday School teacher for one of the teen classes at my church brought a lesson based on the acrostic “DAILY.” I thought that I would share it here because it was a great reminder to me.

Decide to follow God daily – We have to choose (on purpose) to follow God by obeying His commands, looking for and following His guidance, and striving to please Him throughout the day.

Adore God daily – We need to take time to be thankful to God and worship Him for Who He is and what He’s done.

In the Word daily – Another reminder to read the Bible every day so that He can speak to us, convict us, comfort us, and give us words of instruction.

Love others daily – Not only are we supposed to love God, but we need to love others as well. Remember that love is an action, not just and emotion. Just saying “I love you” isn’t enough – show it with your actions.

Yahweh (God) reigns forever – This is a reminder that we not only need to focus on these things daily, but realize that there is a bigger picture. God’s reign will never end – following Him should never end.

Have you shown God that you love Him today? Have your shown others love, too?