Today, I have written a guest post on It focuses on customer service from the top down. Go to his blog to read it! Also, my book “Founded Upon a Rock” is 25% off!

About Chris LoCurto:

Having worked with Dave Ramsey for more than 10 years now, Chris has grown Total Money Makeover LIVE!—the largest event on personal finance in the United States—from 1,600 to 11,000 per event while serving as the Vice President of Live Events. If a small business grew that quickly, we’d call it wildly successful. Why? Because growing businesses, audiences and products is difficult. But Chris is an expert at doing just that.

Chris is an accomplished speaker who travels extensively throughout the United States helping families and businesses learn how to handle their money. He also teaches Dave’s EntreLeadership principles to business owners throughout the year at a three-day event at Dave’s main offices in Brentwood, Tennessee.