At my job, safety is promoted regularly. We are encouraged to think before acting. We are to try to work as safely as possible, while still producing results.

Not only are we encouraged to watch out for our own safety, but also for the safety of those around us. “Courage to Intervene.” We should be watching those around us to help us warn them if we see something unsafe.

Approaching someone about a potential danger may not seem to difficult. But what if it is self-inflicted? What if their actions could cause harm to themselves or others? It is more difficult to tell someone that they are doing something wrong.

Now, my job is a factory that has large machinery with many moving parts. It is very loud and some places may have poor lighting. It is, perhaps, more obvious that we should watch out for each other.

You should help watch out for those around you as well. Yes, you that are sitting there behind your computer. Probably in an air conditioned room/office.

People around you may not be in danger of having their hand cut off by a machine. But they may be doing things that may harm them in other ways. If you are able to see a potential danger, you should try to warn them about it.

Maybe they made a mistake on some paperwork. Maybe they put something in the wrong place. Maybe they are about the ship a package to the wrong person. Maybe it is more personal.

Maybe you don’t really have the “right” to warn them. Maybe they will shrug it off and ignore the warning.

There’s not too much you can do about their reaction. All you can control is what you do. Try to do the right thing and help someone if you can. When they push you away or reject it, step back. Try to “leave the door open” for future opportunities.

If they do get hurt from their decision, don’t go to them to rub it in. Let them come to you. This plan will leave it open for you to be able to gain their trust and respect. Next time you come to them with a concern, they will be more inclined to listen.

Question: Do you have the courage to intervene?

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