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This week, I have an interview with Dave Stachowiak, and we’re talking about core values. You can find out more about Dave at

 Here are some of the questions he answers:

  1. What are core values?
  2. Why are core values important?
  3. How many core values should you have?
  4. How do  you start choosing core values?

 We also had a question submitted by Mark Sieverkropp:

Can you describe the difference between a mission statement and core values? I have a feeling that they are distinct and both have a place, but I’m curious to know how you define both and what role they play in a personal, family or organizational life.

Here are some of the links from the show:

Importance of Core Values

Coaching For Leaders Episode #20 – Your Core Values

List of Core Values (as mentioned in the show)

Questions: Have you set your core values? Would you share them below? Any other questions or comments about core values?