In my research of best ways to prepare for an event or conference, I found this post by Chris Brogan: “27 Things To Do Before a Conference.”

He gives a bunch of great advice. Here are just a couple that I’d like to highlight:

  1. Do a search on Twitter (or other social media) to see if anyone is talking about attending the same event.
  2. Visit the website or blog of the person, as well as their social media profiles. Save these beforehand, and try to check it before meeting them so you can be intelligent about them.
  3. Write great content on your own blog. Write them beforehand so you can focus on the conference instead of your content while there.
  4. Backup your laptop before you go – you never know what can happen (especially if you are travelling).
  5. Practice believing in yourself.

Of course, his other tips are great as well!

  • On Saturday, I’ll be sharing my list of action items that I’m gleaning from all of the advice and tips.
  • Make sure to listen to the¬†podcast episode of Chris LoCurto¬†giving his professional advice about preparing for events as well.

Question: Which of Chris Brogan’s tips do you like? Share them in the comments below.