• What kind of customer are you?
  • How do you react if you don’t receive the best service?
  • Would you like your customers to act that way?

I worked in several restaurants when I was younger, so I have a certain expectation when I go out to eat. I have a good understanding of what kind of service I should expect in different conditions.

If I experience bad service, I mentally ask myself several questions:

  • Is it exceptionally busy?
  • Are they short staffed?
  • Is the server new or training?
  • Has the server or manager come by to give an explanation…in a timely manner?
  • Are other customers receiving similar service?

Even though I have certain expectations, I try to give the benefit of the doubt. If I start to see that there’s no good reason for the poor service, then I start to get a little mad. I probably show my frustration, but I try to stay polite when trying to get the situation corrected.

On the other foot

If the tables were turned (excuse the restaurant pun), and I were the one serving, what would I like from my customers? If there were situations outside of my control, I would like my customer to show some understanding. I wouldn’t expect them to be excited, but at least a little sympathetic.

Of course, I should be communicating with them about the situation and let them know that I’m working the best I can to overcome the obstacle. The amount of details may vary with each situation, but openly and honestly share it with them. This can build some trust – and trust can go a long way to ease difficulties.