Selling with Noble Purpose (Amazon affiliate link)

On the EntreLeadership podcast, Chris LoCurto interviewed Lisa Earle McLeod about a better approach to sales and sales management. She talked about having a NSP – Noble Sales Purpose. The premise is that you focus on the benefit of the customer instead of the money or deadline of the sale.

What if we translated that to other work.

  • A bigger purpose than making money.
  • Bigger than producing your product.
  • Bigger than performing your service.

What if your purpose was to impact people?

What if you aimed at changing lives?

What if you had a higher calling and purpose?

Instead of making a corrugated box (my current full-time work), what if I focused on how the box will improve the customer, or the customer’s customer?

It may not be easy all the time.

  • A better focus can make all the difference in your attitude.
  • A better attitude leads to better work.
  • Better work leads to a good reputation.
  • A good reputation can open doors of opportunity.