Tracking Your 2013 Goals

checkmark2This is my first time setting specific and aggressive goals for the year. I set them back in December 2012. This page is dedicated to tracking my progress as I work toward achieving these goals. I’ll be posting at least monthly updates – maybe a few mid-month check-ups as well. Links to these post will be added here (most recent on top) as well as to my original post outlining these goals. For ease of comparing, I’m setting these to open in new windows/tabs.

Please feel free to come back to see my progress and keep me accountable. You have my permission to get on to me if I you see me start to slack off!

Goals for 2013 – Original List

3 Focus Words for 2013


If It’s Not Working, Change It

February Checkpoint – 2013 Goals

My 2013 Board

January Checkpoint

Mid-January Goals – Progress Report