I was listening to a recent podcast by Dan Miller (48 Days), and he made this statement:

“If entertainment is high on your list, chances are that your personal development is suffering as a result of it.”


I quickly scrambled my phone to “rewind” and listen to that again.

“If entertainment is high on your list, chances are that your personal development is suffering as a result of it.”

The thought stuck with me throughout the day. Mainly because of my guilt.

Entertainment addiction

Growing up, I loved watching TV and movies. I especially loved video games. I spent enough time that it could have been close to a full time job! There were some weekends that I would spend 30 hours playing.

Lessons learned

I had to learn that life was more than video games (still hurts to say it). Video games are a very small part of my life. TV and movies have been reduced, but there are still times that I find myself watching shows for several hours. I try to justify it by saying that I just have it on while doing something else, but my productivity usually drops down to 30% or so.

Action plan

My schedule has changed this month, so I’ll actually have more time at home. This could make it easier for me to gravitate toward the TV, but I’m going to make more of an effort to work on my goals (and household chores) BEFORE watching shows.

I’ve made a tentative schedule for myself. I know I’ll need to make some changes over the next couple weeks as I adjust to the new schedule. I’m also going to take my yearly goals and break them down into monthly and weekly goals. Each week, I’ll look at where I’m at, and then set goals for each day that week.

Is entertainment bad? Of course not! You just have to make sure that you have it in its proper place and that it doesn’t take away from your personal growth and development.

  1. Set yearly goals (you should have done this already!)
  2. Examine those goals to see what you need to do each month and week
  3. Each week, review your goals and other responsibilities – determine what needs to be done each day
  4. Every day, work at finishing as much as you can
  5. Entertainment is a reward

 Question: Where does entertainment rank in your life?