I will be having an interview with Dave Stachowiak next week. He is the host if the Coaching For Leaders podcast. I’ve been listening to his show for over a year now, and would suggest it for anyone in a leadership role at work, church, or home.

In out interview, we’ll be discussing core values: their importance, how to choose them, etc. I am opening it up for your questions. We will do our best to answer them on the show.

More about Dave (from his site):
In addition to the Coaching for Leaders community, I serve as senior vice president of Dale Carnegie Training of Southern Los Angeles and vice president of our own firm, Innovate Learning. At Dale Carnegie, I’ve been recognized with multiple international sales awards and listed as one of top instructors in the global business, per client evaluations. Through my work, I have served many organizations in training, coaching, and facilitation roles, including the Northrop Grumman Corporation, The Boeing Company, ExxonMobil, American Honda, and the University of California system. I’ve been honored to engage almost 2,000 leaders across the United States in training and coaching to enhance their human relations and communications skills, while supporting them through online learning and on site learning communities.

Question: What would you like to know about core values?