This month, I’ve been having an emphasis on pursuing your dream job. Doing work you love. Finding your passion, and then working your passion.

The emphasis actually started on accident. It started back in April when I got to interview Dan Miller (episode 11). I immediate thought about trying to get Jon Acuff and have those two interviews back to back. But scheduling didn’t work out – Jon Acuff was just starting a huge tour for his new book “Start.” I was finally able to secure a day and time to talk with Jon.

Then, I thought: “Maybe I can ask Pat Flynn?” Honestly, I didn’t think I had a great chance, but I’m learning that it’s worth the effort to at least try. To my enjoyment (and yours), he agreed, and we worked out a time for us to talk.

During the time of making arrangements with Pat and Jon, I started listening to “Entrepreneur on Fire” with John Dumas. I also make connections with Jared Latigo through the community, and Mark Sieverkropp introduced me to Scott Barlow. And then I contacted a friend, Joel Fortner. I suddenly started looking at a great lineup of guests with a lot to offer by way of pursuing and doing work that they love.

The pieces started coming together, and I have this lineup (of course, at the time of this writing, episodes 23-25 are not yet available):

It has been a great encouragement to me on my own journey toward work I love. I’ve also been getting some great feedback from listeners, expressing how much they love these episodes.

Then, yesterday, I listened to the Podcast Answer Man podcast by Cliff Ravenscraft. Usually it’s about podcasting (if the title wasn’t obvious enough), or at least tech related. This episode (#316) was different though. It is titled “Are You Completely Wasting Your Time? Can You Live The Life You Desire? What If Money Were No Object?” His emphasis was the stupidity of doing work you hate and encouraging you to dare to follow your desire and passion. Even if you aren’t interested in making a podcast, LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE! (Sorry for the yelling, but emphasis is needed) You can listen to it below or go to his site to listen (or find it on iTunes, Stitcher, etc.).

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Question: What are you doing to pursue your dream and passion?